The ACCOY System enables disease management with empowered personalized patient selfcare - ACCOY calls this Disease Management 3.0

The prescription controls the patient specific, disease and medication  management app

Patient authentication ensures privacy and HIPPA compliance

Trended data is analyzed, formated and uploaded to the EMR.  Provider action required calls/alerts  as required

Medical and technical support is available 24/7 365

One-on-one health coaching, guidance and support are proactively provided

Patient health data is aggregated from connected devices and Apps

Machine learning personalizes  patient, medications, and disease management care

Custom alert notifications and
reminders are sent to keep the patient on track

Personalized insights provide
real-time and on-demand feedback to keep patient on track

Patient and EMR records clinical data are analyzed

The focus is on managing the patient, all medications, and all diseases/conditions

Dose-by-dose dispensing for select medications

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ACCOY delivers better medical outcomes by ensuring each patient's treatments and medications are efficacious and by enabling early preventative and predictive interventions.  These new standards of care transform patient, medications, and disease management and deliver a better patient experience and quality of life while saving payers money. 

First patent granted. Additional patents pending.